Union power obvious after just one month

[4/14/2019] Friends and fellow workers, It’s us from the Little Big Union, Just one month ago, on a sunny Saturday we announced our existence to the public with a beautiful celebration at the Northwest 23rd store. Hundreds of Little Big […]

Little Big Union Wins the Worker Power to Post!

[3/31/2019] On Saturday March 30, after a week of union-worker pressure, community support, and media coverage, a regional manager and “brand ambassador” for Little Big Burger (LBB) released a statement to LBB workers completely backtracking on their illegal taking down […]

LBU response LBB management March 2019

[3/30/2019] We’re seeing varying reactions to the union from every level of LBB management: a combination of illegal and legal, uninformed and also informed responses to their employees and coworkers who are organizing. The majority of the response is curiosity. […]


[3/18/2019] Hooray, a big thank you to everyone who turned out for our going public rally on Saturday! If you weren’t there don’t feel too bad because we really maxed out the # of attendees without causing a disturbance. The […]

Released into the World on this day!

[3/15/2019] Today the Little Big Union (“LBU”) has informally served notice through company chat that we will launch our public campaign tomorrow.  Of course you’re invited so please get in touch with us via email (together@littlebigunion.org) or leave us a […]