Our Fight

We are the people of Little Big Burger. We are tired of poverty wages, a lack of benefits, and ongoing disrespect. We ask for your support us in gaining basic improvements in our second home, Little Big Burger:

  1. Wage Increases
    • With a transparent pay raise scale for workers who stay at LBB. Tips are not wages.
  2. Fair and consistent scheduling
    • Set schedules and two week advance notice when schedules are made and/or changed
  3. Safe and Healthy workplaces
    • Fully stocked safety equipment, along with tools and machinery fixed or replaced in a timely manner.
  4. Respectful and professional conduct from management
    • End to harassment, abuse and toxicity from management
  5. Benefits:
    • Including child care, paid parental leave, quality healthcare
  6. Paid sick leave and vacation time
  7. Worker autonomy to refuse service to abusive/dangerous customers
    • Harassment based in racism, sexism, transphobia etc
  8. Holiday pay
  9. Transparent hiring and firing policies
    • An end to at-will employment and the establishment of formal process to all terminations
  10. Sanctuary workplaces
    • A commitment from LBB to not collaborate with ICE and end the use of e-verify or other any form of checking workers’ documentation status.

We work hard to maintain thriving restaurants throughout Oregon. We want Little Big Burger to give us the respect we deserve.