Little Big Union Wins the Worker Power to Post!

[3/31/2019] On Saturday March 30, after a week of union-worker pressure, community support, and media coverage, a regional manager and “brand ambassador” for Little Big Burger (LBB) released a statement to LBB workers completely backtracking on their illegal taking down of union posters in the employee break area. One of the first moves management made after Little Big Union (LBU) announced its existence two weeks ago was to implement a never-before enforced “solicitation policy”. Managers took down posters and artwork in the employee break areas, community boards, and bathrooms, citing the newly reinvigorated LBB policy. In some workplaces posters and art were left up and only pro-union posters were taken down. In another location, years worth of worker and customer-produced art and notes were taken down and thrown away in what upper-management called an attempt to “declutter.” After workers confronted regional and store managers about this transparent act of union busting under the guise of “cleaning”, management has since backtracked completely.

In a new statement, LBB management clarified that the no-solicitation policy does not cover union related materials and literature. “There’s been some discussion lately about how LBB is being somehow “anti-union” because we’re removing union posters from our restaurants. LBB has carefully reviewed store practices regarding employee posting of solicitations, and we want to clarify our position. Employees may post informational material — either about the pros or cons of unionization — in employee break areas not visible to the public,” wrote Adrian Oca, LBB regional manager. This is not news to workers, who have been allowed to post non directly-work-related materials for years prior. If workers had not pushed back on this suspiciously timed and blatant change in policy, union posters and literature would still be in the garbage. This is a win for Little Big Union securing their protected right to post.