Little Big Burger Workers Deliver Message to Management: You Have a Union Now

[3/16/2019]  Today the Little Big Union (LBU) will deliver a letter to Little Big Burger Restaurant management. The message: you have a union now. Workers have formed Little Big Union to improve working conditions and demand higher wages in the popular Portland burger chain. Little Big Union is an affiliate of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), Portland chapter.

Community supporters will include representatives from Jobs with Justice, ATU Local 757, Liuna 483, Democratic Socialists of America, and Burgerville Workers Union. A delegation of workers and supporters will gather at 11am for a rally at Couch Park in NW Portland followed by a walk to Little Big Burger on NW 23rd Ave. They’ll arrive during the weekend lunch rush to deliver a letter to management announcing their union, and requesting recognition from Little Big Burger’s corporate owner, Chanticleer Holdings. Little Big Union puts Portland on the map yet again as the second-ever fast food union in the country, following the historic Burgerville Workers Union, formed in 2016.

“We are out here to tell Little Big Burger that they can do better,” says Ashley Reyes, a worker at Little Big Burger on NW 23rd Ave. “We have ideas about what that means – fair schedules, better wages, a safer workplace – but for now we’re focusing on just telling LBB that we’re here, we’re strong and we’re not going away.”  

LBU workers have cited a number of serious grievances about their workplace, despite its hip and friendly image. The list includes safety violations, a company practice of short-staffing and under-scheduling, unprofessional conduct and comments from management, poor training and low wages. “We are committed to being here and to doing a good job,” says Ashley Reyes. “We want to see Little Big Burger make this same level of commitment to us by recognizing our union.”

About Little Big Union

Little Big Union (LBU) is a fast food workers union formed in 2019 and affiliated with the IWW branch in Portland, OR. Workers at Little Big Burger were once divided in separate stores but have united together to fight for better working conditions through union affiliation. Little Big Union follows Burgerville Workers Union to become only the second fast food union of its kind. Both unions are proudly based in Portland, Oregon.