[3/18/2019] Hooray, a big thank you to everyone who turned out for our going public rally on Saturday! If you weren’t there don’t feel too bad because we really maxed out the # of attendees without causing a disturbance.

The weather was perfect, no confrontations, and management listened to us read our union demands (the letter can be found here). We have requested that LBB voluntarily meet our demands so there won’t be a need for involving a government agency and ensuing costly campaigns.

As for now we are waiting on a response from Little Big Burger management. Press coverage is developing and we’re doing plenty of interviews but here are some of the articles that have been published so far!

We are all very flattered at the support received via our GoFundMe which reached 100% of our goal roughly within 6 hours of delivering our demands to LBB management. That is on top of donations received via merch sales (several hundred dollars more). Speaking of which we’ll be sure to post the next opportunity for the public to get ahold of our swag (all union-printed BTW).

There are sure to be actions to come so please sign up here for email updates. Also our Facebook and Twitter are excellent mediums for the latest updates!